Tired Skateboards is founded by Dutch artist Piet Parra. Tired defines itself as the brand for the guys breathing heavily after one ollie, the people that are sore for three days after skating for one hour, the guys that are the same age as the security guard kicking you out of the spot. And to all skateboarding enthusiasts who will never have a career in skateboarding but love it like nothing else. The brand often features fun shape boards and colorful artwork on their boards and apparel.

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Tired Tired Crappy Skull Crewneck Sweater
Tired Tired Crossword T-Shirt
Tired Tired Boris On Sigar Deck
Tired Tired Packed Lunch On Slick Deck
Tired Tired James On Stumpnose Deck
Tired Tired Carpet On Deal Deck
Tired Tired Swoop Hooded Coach Jacket
Tired Tired Diner LS T-shirt
Tired Tired Number Three LS Baseball T-shirt
Tired Tired Bones Longsleeve T-shirt
Tired Tired Team Hoodie
Tired Tired Fatigue Hoodie