The Ben-G online shop skateboarding section is filled with all your essentials for skateboarding. Decks, wheels, trucks, bearings, mounting, grip tape and bushings you name it we all got it. We only carry the best brands in the business like Skate Mental, Palace, Girl, Chocolate, Old Timers, 3D, Tired, Plan B, Element, Fucking Awesome,  Polar, Santa Cruz, Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, Primitive, Habitat, Magenta,  etc. We also have a lot of limited edition decks that some of the brands we carry bring out in limited quantities. Not only do we have normal skateboards but we also carry a lot of old school decks and cruiser boards and we got everything in stock that you need to build up these skateboards, like wider trucks and soft wheels.
We ship worldwide
Tired Tired Sunflower Mark
Tired Tired No Battery
Tired Tired Grumpy Old Dog
Tired Tired Boris On Sigar Deck
Tired Tired Packed Lunch On Slick Deck
Skate Mental Skate Mental VX Cruiser Deck
Madrid Madrid X Stranger Things Madmax Official Replica
€134.97 €224.95