HUF was established by professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel. When Hufnagel became pro he opened a small boutique in San Francisco where he sold some of the most respected brands that the skateboard, streetwear and sneaker communities had to offer. He named the shop HUF. With its rapid growth and popularity, Hufnagel found the necessity to launch his own line of skateboard, streetwear and sneaker fashion. Though much has changed over the course of the brand, Hufnagel still holds strong to the same core beliefs that drove him since day one. HUF shoes and clothing integrate materials and construction that have endured the test of time and abuses sustained by skateboarding, resulting in high quality goods with skate inspired prints. Making it one of the most exciting new brands in the skateboarding industry. Ben-G offers the widest range of HUF products in the Netherlands, making it the best place to order your HUF gear online.

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Huf Huf Latitude L/S Knit Top Black
€35.97 €59.95
Huf Huf Bud Classic H F/Z Hoodie Black
€49.97 €99.95
Huf Huf Greetings L/S Pocket Tee Black
€22.47 €44.95
Huf Huf Farewell Fleece Pant Black
€42.50 €85.00
Huf Huf Standard Shell Jacket White
Huf Huf Tundra Jacket Honey Mustard
€84.97 €169.95
Huf Huf Ice Rose Triangle S/S Tee White
€18.75 €37.50
Huf Huf Marka Anorak Jacket Pine
Huf Huf Crevasse Crew Black
€39.97 €79.95
Huf Huf Crevasse Crew Grey Heather
€39.97 €79.95
Huf Huf Mission P/O Hoodie Mineral Yellow
€53.97 €89.95
Huf Huf Mission P/O Hoodie Black
€53.97 €89.95